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BMW Shorties: Judges' Clinic = 17th June, KPD Block E, lvl 4, KE-A1, 12:00nn- 2:00pm

Gadoh Screening = 12th June, Theatrette, HELP University College (Main Campus), 8:00pm - 9:10pm

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17 June 2009
BMW Shorties aim is to bring industry experts closer to young filmmakers and our club have been chosen to assist them
12 June 2009
Gadoh Screening Will be held at Theatrette, HELP University College (Main Campus), 8:00pm - 9:10pm http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=85934351750&ref=nf
5 June 2009
Our club have been asked by IPRMSA to assist them in the runway 101 event.
5 June 2009
Multimedia Society First Official General Meeting with new members held at KPD E LH 1.2
21 May 2009
Attended the ASEAN Korea Commemorative Summit & Malaysia Korea 50th Anniversary Celebration.

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Friday, July 3, 2009

MMS First General Meeting with the Members

by Sara Liyana

5th June 2009, KPD E LH 1.2

it was the society's first meeting with the new members. The meeting was started off with a short clip of William, the president and Zan, the adviser of the society introducing themselves since they both were not able to make it to the meeting. It continued with an introduction from each of the society's committee member, explaining to the members on what each department does and what they bring to the society.

Then, there was a discussion on the upcoming activities of the society which included the Gadoh move screening and the BMW Shorties workshop. Members had first priorities to sign up for the events considering both events were being organized by the society. The meeting continued with each members introducing themselves, in order to help break the ice as well as a way to get to know each other better.

Aliyyah our secretary then took centre stage to look for an assistant to help her out with all the paperwork, minutes and everything else that she needs help with. And now, we have a new committee member, Lisa Anne who bravely stepped up to take the position to be Alliyyah's Vice Secretary!

The meeting proceeded with the members signing up into the departments that they wish to be part of: Photography, Music, Creative, Public Relation & Videography

The last agenda of the day, was the discussion of the society's T-Shirt design. Choosing the right colour, right design and so forth. Of course everyone had a different preference but thankfully by the end of the day, there was an agreement with all.

All and all, the society couldn't be more happier with the turn out that day considering it was a friday afternoon. It was a good opportunity to get to know the new members as well as the committee member! =)

For more pictures of the meeting, visit our Flikr page! *click*

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